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How to Read with Macular Degeneration

Low VisonGetting older means accepting that your body will undergo a number of physical changes. That includes your eyes, which can be affected by various eye conditions that make it difficult to see as clearly as you previously did. 

One such eye condition is age-related macular degeneration (AMD), which damages the macula and impacts an individual’s ability to perform everyday tasks like reading, watching TV, and using a computer.   

At Low Vision of Tennessee in Nashville, we offer low vision aids and devices for AMD patients, including corrective lenses and visual tools/aids. We’ve also compiled a list of tips to help you read with AMD.  

What Is Macular Degeneration?

This debilitating eye condition prevents the macula - the part of the retina in charge of sharp central vision - from functioning properly. When a person has macular degeneration, they may struggle to complete tasks that were once easy for them to do. This includes driving, reading, writing, seeing finer details, and recognizing faces. 

This eye disease presents in 2 forms, dry and wet.

  • Dry AMD - Caused by the macular tissue becoming thin, and deposits called drusen forming under the retina.
  • Wet AMD - Caused by abnormal blood vessels growing and leaking fluid or blood into the macula. 

Make Reading Easier with Macular Degeneration

Reading with macular degeneration can be difficult, but there are several strategies and low vision aids and devices that can help make it easier: 

  • Use low vision aids like special reading glasses, magnifiers or electronic reading devices that can enlarge text or read text out loud.
  • Use proper lighting. Choosing good lighting fixtures and lamps that reduce glare and eye strain can make it easier for you to read. 
  • Adjust the font size and contrast on your digital devices. You can simply check the settings or use software to do this. Alternatively, a magnifying glass can help for reading printed materials.
  • In addition to regular comprehensive eye exams, book a consultation with a low vision optometrist. 

Low Vision Specialist in Nashville

Reading with macular degeneration can be challenging, but at Low Vision of Tennessee in Nashville we’re passionate about helping patients with low vision utilize their remaining vision. We’ll assess your vision and discuss your visual goals and lifestyle in order to recommend the low vision aids and devices most suited to you. 

Contact us today to book a consultation. 

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