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Driving with Low Vision and Bioptic Telescopes

Dr. John Pino

In this video, I will talk about the different ways we can help people with low vision drive again. Transcript of the video below.

As a low vision optometrist, my primary focus is to help people overcome their vision loss and helping them regain their ability to perform everyday visual task that most people take for granted. Tasks like driving or watching television or reading a book. Today though I want to talk to you about bioptic telescopes. These are miniature telescopes located at the upper part of the lens. So, if I’m going to drive I’m going to be looking at the lower portion of the lens called the carrier lens most of the time. I’m only going to briefly tilt into the telescope in order to see sign or traffic lights up ahead. So, why don’t we go for a ride and see how it works? Let’s go.

So, here we are ready to go. As I mentioned to you earlier, most of the time you’ll be looking through the lower portion of the lens called the carrier lens. This is where the standard prescription lies. And then when you need to view at a sign or a traffic light up ahead, you simply tilt into the telescope briefly and tilt back. It’s really that simple. Most states actually issue special driving permits for folks to drive with bioptic telescopes in their state. So, when I do a low vision evaluation, I can determine whether a person qualifies to drive with a bioptic telescope. So, if you were a loved one, needs an evaluation, please feel free to visit us at our website at or you can call our office at 1-855-405-8800. Thank you and have a blessed day!

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